we build product & customer support video for tech start-ups and growth companies

your customer is the hero of your story - by following their journey we position you as the guide to solve their problems

after all, no customer wants to up against another hero

producing professional video solutions for the innovation economy starts with the deep dive - an intense workshop to unpack your startup DNA, discover the why of your journey, and understand your customer

the lingo - product to market fit

with pricing to fit a startup runway

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Sydney Startup Hub
The Studio

Level 6, 11 York St

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chris@storydriven.com.au, founder



value propositions.


product experience.

personalise your product / service with your founder or business development lead as the face of your key positioning video

do your prospects know what you do?


industry positioning.

create an on-going video series to connect and educate your audience

transform your elevator pitch, presentation and blog


customer support.

narrative driven, product feature walk-through for on-boarding, customer care and support

can you support documentation sustain 1000 customers?

our products, your videos.

In Outlook writing invoices all day?

Wiise is taking on Xero and MYOB across the SME market

Graduate from accounting to a software solution that manages inventory, forecast cash flow and streamline financial processes


Sales proposals that look great - through to live updating quote tools and client view analytics

We use Qwilr and highly recommend, especially love the video integration :D


The world is undergoing exponential change with the onset of new and innovative technologies

All these forces acting together means businesses need a new way to innovate to create new growth


Consulting, review and expert positioning - Loyalty & Reward Co are leaders in the blockchain loyalty space, and what better way than to share their knowledge across LinkedIn and the web