5 Levels Of Market Awareness


By promoting and marketing your business to customers who are PROBLEM AWARE or SOLUTION AWARE we believe your results will skyrocket.

Problem Aware customers recognise they have a problem that you may solve - that's why they're talking with you. They likely need to be assured that an engagement with you will provide a benefit or alleviate anxiety. Authentically hold that conversation, drive value and you'll close the sale. Well positioned video content that shows how your product/service will actually solve their problem will bring these individuals to you.

For Solution Aware customers, they're confident your product/service will solve the problem they have but are you the best person to solve it? Being more aware of the market they likely shop around, comparing the little differences. For these customers, proof of your product/service superiority is needed to push the sale forward - bringing us back to the use of case studies as a compelling form of proof.

Have you worked with video production companies in the past? Do they speak in these terms? Do they first stop to understand your customer's problems and how you solve them?

We position ourselves differently as we know that video alone is not a solution, but a tool in the journey to attracting clients: video authentically connects your brand with people, and digital marketing bridges the gap to achieve success.

- Dennis