The 3 Most Common Lead Generation Challenges And What To Do About It

It’s been two years since we started Storydriven, and I can easily say that it’s been the most exciting adventure of my life to-date.

 The Storydriven crew on location

The Storydriven crew on location

What started out as two filmmakers - two guys who had a dream of building a lifestyle business, has now grown to become a great agency with an office in Alexandria and a good number of clients who support and love what we do because we support and love what they do. :)

That being said, growing a business has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life.

'Growing a business has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life'

Some of the challenges we faced in the beginning revolved around three obstacles:

  1. Lack of visibility: Prospects didn’t know we existed, so how could they become our clients?
  2. Low quality leads: Wasting time with leads that would never buy from us (i.e. tire kickers)
  3. Competition driving prices down: Leaving money on the table because competitors would drive prices down - which ‘forced’ us to lower our fees as well.

As we’ve grown as a business, we’ve learnt to address these obstacles - and also found that a vast majority of the clients we work with come to us to address the same obstacles. I bet, if you were perfectly honest with yourself, you experience these challenges as well.

This is why we came up with a video workshop that can walk you through, step-by-step, how to create your very own video sales funnel. This will be an business asset that can help you overcome some - or even all - of these obstacles. A funnel that will consistently drive high quality leads to you, check it out below!